Window Shutters – Time To Re-Think Your Window Dressings

Are you looking for new window dressing for your home which is durable, robust and very stylish? Then may be it’s time to rethink about using traditional curtains and invest in some of the latest designs and styles that shutters offer.

In the past these types of window dressing is would typically seen solely as an exterior window dressing, which in the UK very rarely were closed, they were purely used for aesthetic purposes. However, today the world of window dressing is has been revolutionised not only by new designs and styles but also in the manufacturer and materials used. These new concepts and materials have made choosing a window treatment for a humid atmosphere, such as the kitchen or bathroom far easier than in the past.

New research and developments have made it possible for vinyl to be used to create stunning window treatments which suit all styles of homes perfectly. Being made from vinyl they are easy to maintain and keep their newness and fresh appearance for many, many years. It also means that they are the cost-effective window dressing as simple cleaning with soap and water is all that is needed to keep them looking as good as the day you bought them. The new developments in manufacturer also mean that the past problems of yellowing and fading due to harsh sunlight have now been eradicated. However, these latest innovations are not widely available and due to their uniqueness will have to be purchased online at specific bespoke shutter retailers.

The durability, versatility and practicality of shutters does not mean that they can only be used in bathrooms and kitchens, far from it! The new styles and designs mean that bedrooms lounges and dining rooms can be bought bang up-to-date with very stylish window treatments.

The new designs also incorporate the much-needed privacy that so many of us need in order to feel safe within our homes, along with the ability to fully or partially open the shutters when we choose to which enables natural light to fill the room. Of course, you could use the traditional curtains in conjunction with shutters, however this somewhat detracts from their chic appearance and elegant styling.

Window shutters will also give you added security to your home as not only do they prevent prying eyes from seeing inside your home, they all so act as a second defence for attempted break-ins and potential burglary. Whilst this may seem a rather drastic measure sadly there is no getting away from the fact that many homes in the UK burgled every day due to opportunist thieves finding windows the easiest method of entering a home. If you close the shutters whenever you leave your home not only would it mean your home is left secure, it also means that during the summer you will arrive home to much cooler interior.

If you think window shutters lack character you will also need to think again! As these striking window treatments can enhance the look of your windows and your home beautifully. Window shutters north east

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