Why You Should Outsource Photo Editing

If you’re a photographer, outsource photo editing can help free up time and space in your business schedule or personal life that can be better spent elsewhere. For example, having the ability to outsource your editing allows you to spend more time booking clients and working on growing your photography business. Outsourcing also reduces your reliance on photo editors who may be unavailable when you need them most, or that have unpredictable turnaround times.

When you outsource, you also have the option to work with multiple editing professionals or companies so that you can find one that best matches your style. When you find a company that understands your workflow and the way that you like to edit, communication is much easier. Plus, you can take advantage of online tools that allow you to create and assign specifications visually and with ease. You can even quickly “expedite” a job to ensure it is completed by the deadline you need.

When comparing services, look at their portfolios first to see examples of their work. Then, look at client lists and testimonials to get a sense of the types of photographers that they work with. Lastly, choose a company that has an image processing workflow built specifically for your needs. For example, Pixelz’s digital assembly line technology is built for e-commerce product images and focuses on matching styles with a clear brief. The workflow is organized so that each step is completed by a specialist, and the system has total awareness of what’s being worked on by whom, allowing you to expedite orders without disrupting the workflow.

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