Akin to Technology Research, Mantra practice too is a pristine pure science. The basis of Technology Science is to showcase machinery principles, creation, management and reform. If this process is apt one can accrue all round benefits of machinery potential. Yet even if minor lapses are seen in them our time and wealth go down the drain. Similarly if all the applications and context of Mantra practices are optimal we certainly can benefit a lot. Else on imbibing a Mantra practice program that is directionless and shabby we can stare only at despair and loud guffaws from others.

Modern material science influences the external world and by rendering forces embedded in inert nature optimally usable, gives us beneficial results. Spiritual science influences the inner world and by illumining conscious nature, creates an all powerful personality with its aid. Material science generates means of joyous comforts. It creates basis that renders the body more capable. This then is its periphery. It can neither reach inner consciousness and cannot create capacity or potential of that stature.

This world is an admixture of inert matter and conscious principles. Within living beings dwells consciousness and externally is a body made from 5 elements. Due to the combination of both these various movements and activities are witnessed in the world of creatures. It is something totally different if you talk of totally inert objects like rivers and mountains but wherever consciousness resides there a requirement is noted wherein akin to materials and the body consciousness too should be rendered clean, healthy and highly developed. This functional activity is called spirituality.

A humungous amount of forces of inert nature have been showcased by material science which is easy for all to note. We all know what miraculous tasks are executed by usage of material energies like fire, electricity, ether, nuclear energy waves, magnetism and so on. But yet the stature of conscious nature is a lot higher. In reality, consciousness lords over inert matter. A ship maybe very gigantic yet without a conscious driver it achieves nothing. Unmanned rockets sent to space seem self directed yet it is scientists sitting on earth that guide their functioning. A rail maybe very expensive yet without a live driver it is but akin to a huge mass of useless rock. How can the body undergo any enjoyment without Prana Energy in it? Wealth without an enjoyer can be seen drowned under sea water and deep womb of earth. Something is given a title of importance only if a conscious user can use it. Akin to inert matter material science also can be useful only if it is directed and used by conscious creatures. The gist is that in comparison to inert, consciousness is of super great importance. Similarly the importance and utility value of spiritual science is manifold more than material science. multi room audio

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