How to Select a British Male Voiceover

Whether you need a narrator to narrate your wildlife documentary, a voice to guide your audience through an explainer video or something for that video game that requires character and true voice acting, a skilled British male voiceover can capture the attention and emotions of your listeners. The right voice can keep people from hitting mute during your commercial, convince them to buy your product, or make them remember your company name.

Before selecting a voiceover artist for your project, take the time to examine several samples. Look at the tone, expressions, diction and enunciation to understand how the artist creates their work. Once you’ve found a few talents that fit your requirements, ask them to provide demos for your review.

The most important factor in choosing a British male voiceover is to consider the type of project you have in mind and who your target audience will be. Men’s voices are perceived as authoritative, factitious and serious, so they’re ideal for commercials pushing products such as cars, computers or banking services. They’re also great for projects with a darker edge, such as explaining pain-relieving medical products or narrating educational videos about safety.

The age of your audience will also help you decide what type of voice to select. If you’re creating a commercial that targets teenagers, you’ll need to find a voiceover with a youthful sound. If your audience is comprised of elderly adults, a more mature or thoughtful voice might better suit their needs. british male voiceover

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