Football Socks Grip

Grip socks are a must-have in any footballer’s kit bag, providing players with an edge they couldn’t get without them. They prevent your feet from slipping in the boots, improving stability and giving you a firmer grip on the ground to improve your game.

Gripping socks also reduce friction within your shoes which can lead to blisters. Blisters can be a huge inconvenience, causing pain and stopping you from playing to your full potential. Football grip socks have strategically placed thicker material where your foot moves most within your shoe to reduce the friction and thereby avoid blisters.

Whether you’re a goalkeeper or a centre half, grip socks can help you to play your best game. They provide a steady foothold on the ground to allow you to stop or change direction quickly and make precise touches on the ball. Grip socks can even save you 1 second when you turn to spin a defender, a crucial advantage when it comes to winning games.

Grip socks can be worn alone or you can cut the foot off of your team socks and slip them over the grip sock, keeping the non-slip rubber pads in contact with the boot. This allows you to keep the style of your team sock, while still maximising the benefits of grip socks. football socks grip

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