YouTube Improves Comment Moderation and Pin Comments to the Top of the List of Replies

Youtube is a video streaming platform where you can watch videos. But many people consider it to be a social media site because you can carry out conversations with others in the comments section of a video. Unlike other popular platforms, YouTube does not require you to pay a subscription for use of its service. But, despite this egalitarian environment, some users still engage in abusive behavior on the website. YouTube has responded to this by improving its comment moderation tools. It will now warn commenters who have violated community guidelines and ban those who continue to do so after multiple warnings. YouTube has also added a feature that allows creators to flag offensive or hateful content in their videos.

Some of the most popular videos on Youtube are the ones that encourage viewers to comment beneath them. Some of them become so popular that they continue to be commented on years after their initial upload. In order to get your comments seen, it is important to make sure that they are rated highly by other users. YouTube has a feature called “likes” that allows users to react to a comment by liking it or disliking it. The more likes a comment gets, the higher it will rank in the list of replies.

Toxic and hateful comments on YouTube have been a constant headache for the company, its users, and the content creators who have their videos featured on the site. It has tried to address these problems in the past by showing a warning to individuals when they have a comment flagged for violating its rules and displaying their history of such actions on their profiles.

In its new update, YouTube will now pin the most-liked comments to the top of the list of replies. This will help make it easier for other viewers to find and interact with these comments. In addition, the pinned comments will also appear in the search results for a particular video. This will improve the chances of getting more views and engagement on your video.

The pinned comments will be displayed to all users who are not logged into their YouTube accounts, regardless of whether they are watching the video on desktop or mobile devices. This will ensure that all users will be able to see the most-liked comments. The ability to view pinned comments will also be available for viewers who are logged into their account on the website.

Another way that YouTube is trying to improve its user experience is by allowing creators to add up to three “guidelines” that users must agree to before they can comment or participate in a live chat on their channel. These guidelines must follow the company’s community guidelines and can be reviewed in the YouTube app. YouTube has already started experimenting with these new features in some of its channels. The company plans to expand the ability to include these guidelines to all creators in the future. youtube comment upvotes

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