Window DIY – Composite Doors Versus UPVC Front Door-UPVC Back Door

Composite doors are now very popular in the UPVC industry. That’s not to say that this is only a very recent thing – they have actually been very appealing for a while now. But while they have been appealing for a while, they have for a long time been far from affordable. Recently however, due to their reduction in price – the fact of a composite door being an expensive commodity is fast becoming a thing of the past. If by recent trends these doors do become as popular as normal UPVC doors, then it’s worth including them in my window DIY discussions.

A few years ago a composite door may have well cost you well over £1000! But now in some cases, if you shop around and know where to buy, you can pick up a composite doors for as little as £600.

Of course, for those people who prefer to preach budget and economy rather than aesthetics and security, the much cheaper option of a UPVC front door / UPVC back door will always be the number one choice. There will always be a place for this type of product, as will there be a place for UPVC french doors and UPVC patio doors. But it is comforting to know that if you pay a little extra then you can now easily own an aesthetically beautiful flash composite door – and be the envy of your neighbours.

Another massive advantage a composite door has over a standard UPVC front door / UPVC back door is security. You may see if you look at most UPVC company websites these days that the web is littered with security videos of companies showing you just how easy these doors are to break into (that’s unless of course they are trying to still sell you one then I’m sure they won’t mention the videos even if they have one on their website!)

Well in my opinion, it is relatively easy to break into a standard UPVC front door / UPVC back door if you know what you’re doing. Only recently, my father-in-law was one such victim so I’ve seen it first hand.

With a composite door, I’d say the security aspect is improved ten-fold. It is genuinely very difficult to get through one of these. And if you were to do so, you would probably attract enough attention to raise the alarm in some quarters close by.

Finally, composite doors are just so wonderfully great looking! Just have a look on the web at the many different types. Really, nothing compares aesthetically, they are the best looking doors on the market. That said, I hope soon to bring you some window DIY tips on how you can install and maintain this types of door.

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