Why Installing a LAKOS Chimer Filter is Important

Cooling systems that use water chillers must have a high-quality filtration system installed. Without a chiller water filter, the contaminated cooling fluid will damage the equipment and shorten its lifespan. In industrial applications, a water chiller can dissipate large amounts of heat, so the quality of the coolant fluid is crucial. A high-quality chiller filter will remove contaminants that could clog and corrode the coolant channels, and it will keep the cooling system from overheating.

Many industrial processes require the use of water chillers to achieve process thermoregulation. Water or a mixture of water and glycol is usually used as the cooling medium in these applications. The cooling fluid is often sourced from natural bodies of water like rivers, lakes, and other nearby sources. If these water chillers don’t have a filtration system in place, the cooling fluid will be contaminated with sand and other solid impurities. Coolant channels in the tubing can become clogged with these solids, which will result in poor performance and costly downtime for the plant.

LAKOS filtration keeps chillers, compressors and heat exchangers clean and operating efficiently by filtering out suspended solids. This includes scale, biofilm, weld slag, iron oxides, dirt and other solids that can cause long-term operational problems. It will also help the equipment stay within its service temperature range. Industrial operators should create and maintain a filtration maintenance checklist that will detail how to check for component issues, conduct cleaning, and replace the chiller’s filter. water chiller filter

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