What Are Ustensiles

Ustensiles An instrument is any device that facilitates work, especially work requiring delicacy or accuracy: a musical instrument; a surgical instrument. A utensil is any article used for domestic purposes, especially cooking: kitchen utensils.

A wooden utensil is a type of tableware made from wood and often fashioned into a shape or form that assists in eating, drinking, or otherwise preparing food. Other utensils, such as ceramics or metals, can also be found in the kitchen. Utensils are categorized by the material they are made of using the suffix “ware”: earthenware, utensils crafted from clay; silverware, utensils crafted of silver; glassware, utensils crafted out of glass; and pottery, utensils crafted out out of clay or stone.

The main resource inputs for the production of wooden utensils are water and energy. Trees require a large amount of water to grow and produce wood. However, most of this water, around 99%, is reenters the ecosystem through transpiration. This significantly reduces the environmental impact of wooden utensils compared to plastic, where most of the water input is taken out of the environment, as opposed to being recycled.

Millions of plastic utensils are thrown away every day and can take up to 1,000 years to biodegrade. JUstenbois offers an eco-friendly alternative to this wasteful practice. Made of all-natural materials, our wooden utensils are 100% biodegradable and compostable should they reach the end of their lifespan. Our edible cutlery is available in choc, oat and classic flavor and can be mixed and matched for sweet and savory catering events alike.

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