Using Food Labels to Brand Your Restaurant

A well-stocked restaurant kitchen depends on food labels to help staff keep things organized. But that’s not all they do. Labels also add a touch of branding and professionalism that helps restaurants maintain their reputation among customers who order delivery services, like DoorDash and Grubhub.

If your restaurant offers a takeout service, you need branded to-go labels for your prepared foods and beverages. These labels show that you care about the details and make it easy for your customers to identify their orders. They’re also a great way to advertise your food delivery options to potential new customers.

For your restaurant to be compliant with the menu labeling final rule, you must provide calorie and nutrition information for all standard menu items. The FDA recommends using a simple graphic format and including the item’s name, description, calories, and fat content.

To ensure safety and freshness, restaurant foods must be clearly marked with the date on which they were prepared or removed from their packaging. Stock rotation labels make it easy for restaurant staff to mark their containers and meet the guidelines set by health and safety inspectors.

Tamper evident labels are important for any container that contains a raw product, like uncooked dough. These labels warn customers that it’s not safe to open the container, and they’re a great deterrent for people who might be tempted to eat contaminated food from your establishment. restaurant labels

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