Tissot Watch Repair Near Me

Tissot is a Swiss watch brand that offers an impressive collection of watches. They’re known for their quality and affordability. But, like any other high-precision timepiece, Tissot watches require regular maintenance and repair to keep their beautiful appearance and functionality.

When looking for Tissot watch repair near me it is important to find a shop that has an extensive knowledge of the brand’s products and is certified by the manufacturer. A certified shop will have trained technicians who can perform a wide range of services on any Tissot model. The technician will also have the proper tools to perform the service and will use only genuine Tissot replacement parts.

Tissot was founded in 1853 and has a long history of innovation. The company has made some of the most popular wristwatches in the world. Their modern design is a blend of classic styles and technological advances. Tissot has a vast catalog of watches including automatic, mechanical, and quartz watches as well as chronograph and touch screen models.

A typical Tissot watch repair will cost $60-$200 depending on the type of service required. Quartz Tissot watches are the most affordable to repair, followed by automatic and then mechanical models. Typically mechanical and automatic Tissot watches will need more frequent repairs and servicing than quartz models.

Almost every Tissot watch is designed to be water resistant up to 3 ATM. But, the rubber gaskets around the crown, crystal, and pushers deteriorate over time and will need to be replaced in order to maintain water resistance. The rubber gaskets should be replaced after any work is performed on the watch and at least once a year.

Replacing a crown is a relatively easy task but the technician needs to ensure that the stem is not damaged in the process. The stem is what connects the crown to the internal mechanisms and can be more difficult to replace. If the crown is pushed in or bent in any way it will require more attention and may need to be replaced entirely.

A resizing is another common repair that many people need done to their watches. This is usually because the wearer has gained or lost weight and the watch no longer fits correctly on their wrist. The process of resizing a watch is fairly simple and costs about $10-$15 depending on the complexity of the watch.

Another very common service is a band or strap replacement. Tissot has a variety of different strap options that range from leather to metal links. Depending on the style and material you choose, a new band can run anywhere from $20 to $100 or more.

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