The Ruqyah Process

When used correctly ruqyah can be an effective treatment for sorcery, black magic, evil eye and other spiritual diseases. It can also help improve emotional and physical well being, relieve stress, strengthen the immune system, increase vitality, treat disease and decrease pain and discomfort.

Ruqyah is an ancient practice and techniques have evolved over time. It is important that the person performing ruqyah (known as a Raaqi) has a firm belief in the words of Allah and understands them, as the more focus they put into the recitation the stronger the ruqyah will be with the permission of Allah. They should also be able to recite the Qur’an fluently and ideally have had some experiences with accepted prayers.

There are many different methods of ruqyah, however the most authentic is that of the Sunnah which involves cupping one’s hands and blowing into them while reciting the ayats of the Qur’an or specific surahs. This is then passed over the body, especially the afflicted area.

It is important to remember that ruqyah should not be the first course of action, a Muslim should always seek medical solutions, but if those are unavailable then ruqyah can be very helpful. It is also important that a Raaqi takes precautions to ensure that their surroundings are clean and free from jinn attracting objects such as mirrors and candles.

It is also recommended that people take the precautions of removing animated images from their homes, eradicating any amulets which contain polytheistic texts or evil eye symbols and getting rid of all jewellery, as these are all a magnet for jinn. ruqyah process

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