The Mini CNC Machine

The mini CNC machine gives the manufacturer a way to reduce cycle time. The mini CNC machine helps the manufacturer to avoid a long void between the end of one operation and the start of the next operation. The manufacturer who decides to purchase a mini CNC machine has chosen to apply the principles of cycle time to the area of production machinery.

The nature of the mini CNC machine creates three ways by which miniaturization can pave the way for cycle time reduction. This article will list three ways by which a manufacturer can reduce cycle time. It will also provide details concerning how the mini CNC machine permits the manufacturer to apply the principles of cycle time reduction to the operation of the mini CNC machine, and ultimately to the process of machine production.

The effort to reduce the manufacturers cycle time begins with an attempt to minimize the amount of time that operators spend loading and unloading various materials. The operator of a CNC machine will work more efficiently if he or she is able to minimize the workplace loading and unloading. This minimization is achieved through use of the mini CNC machine.

The operator of the mini CNC machine can save time by using large bed sizes and a small footprint. The operator of a mini CNC machine will save money by loading into the machine a wide piece of material and then limiting each process (cutting, engraving, routing, and drilling) to a small footprint.

The operator of a CNC-based piece of equipment can reduce cycle time by reducing the tool maintenance time. Such a reduction is made possible by the mini CNC machine. The small size of the miniaturized machines facilitates the creation of multiple design options. The large number of options leads to creation of a generous number of spare parts. Meanwhile the surplus of spare parts guarantees the ready replacement of any malfunctioning parts.

The operator of a mini CNC machine also reduces cycle time by decreasing the program execution time. The clamping of small elements to the mini CNC machine and the automation of the tiny machine parts leads to a lowering of operator intervention. Whenever operators can afford to devote less time to matching the quality of a previous result, then the manufacturer saves money.

It thus becomes obvious that the characteristics of the mini CNC machine guarantee the application by the operator of the principles of cycle time. Three aspects of any CNC program fall under the control of the product manufacturer.

1) The time required for workplace equipment to accomplish the loading and unloading of the material that requires a transformation (a cutting, drilling, routing or engraving),

2) The length of the program execution time,

3) The length of the tool maintenance time.

The ability of a mini CNC machine to substantially alter any of the above three aspects could lead to a reduction in cycle time. A reduction in cycle time could improve performance of the process machinery. machining parts supplier

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