Tazarotene uk

Tazarotene uk is a drug used to treat acne and plaque psoriasis. It belongs to a group of medications called retinoids. It works by changing the way skin cells grow and act. It decreases the amount of oil (sebum) produced by skin cells, and it unclogs blocked pores. It also reduces inflammation in the skin. This helps to reduce the number of blackheads and whiteheads that develop. Tazarotene may also improve the appearance of fine wrinkles, dark spots, and skin roughness in sun-damaged skin. It is available as a topical cream and in tablets to take by mouth.

There is good evidence from randomized controlled trials that tazarotene improves both the clinical and histological signs of photodamage. It is well tolerated with the most common side effect being mild to moderate cutaneous irritation which in some cases can be reduced by more gradual institution of treatment. It is recommended that patients use sunscreens with a sun protection factor of at least 30 with regular application and reapplying as needed for best results.

Before applying tazarotene, wash the area to be treated with water and a mild soap. Gently rub the tazarotene into the affected skin, avoiding the eyes, nose, and mouth. It should be applied once a day in the evening. After application, you should not cover the area with a bandage or dressing. Follow the directions on your prescription label. Your doctor may prescribe a different regimen if your condition is severe or you have other medical conditions. tazarotene uk

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