Taxi With Baby Seat Melbourne

The taxi industry has a new kid on the block: toddler and baby seats. Rideshare service Uber has started offering the option to book a car with child seats in Melbourne, though it’s still only available for airport transfers. The rest of Australia will have to wait until 2020 for the service.

According to the laws in most states and territories, children under seven years must travel in a taxi with an appropriate child seat or capsule. This applies to VHA cars, limousines and private car services as well as rideshare vehicles like Uber, Ola and DiDi. In contrast, buses aren’t required to carry car seats and children under 12 years can be secured on their laps with a correctly fastened lap-sash adult seatbelt.

In the absence of a child seat, taxi drivers are permitted to install an anchor point in their vehicle so passengers can provide their own car seat. However, this may not be the safest option if you’re travelling long distances, or if the driver isn’t familiar with installing and using a particular seat.

Taxi with baby seat melbourne services are a great choice for parents looking to ensure their children’s safety on the road. The seats are specially designed to keep your kids comfortable and happy while you ride to your destination. The sitting arrangements for infants are rear facing and can be used by babies under 1 year. Toddlers are recommended to sit in the forward-facing toddler seats that offer them optimum comfort on their journey.

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