Stan James listened to customers, by giving them a £150 free bet

Stan James or Stans, which currently trades online under the name of, was created in 1973 by Steve fisher and James Holder. The company is at present owned by Steve fisher and his wife Anne. The name Stan came from the first two letters of each of their names, ST from Steve and AN from Anne. This was then put together, with the forename of the other original owner, and this became Stan James. The business begun from its first shop in Berkshire back in 1973, and has grown rapidly ever since. It is now considered one of the most well known online gaming brands, and in a 2009 report it was reviewed as third best value site for value odds.
The online gambling sector has grown substantially over the past few years, mainly due to technological advances and the vast growth in broadband technology. In order to encourage development, an online gambling site will offer a free bets bonus when a new customer signs up. Stan James usual offer up until the start of August 2011 was a £25 stake not returned free bet, which meant you signed up to their site, deposited £25 and wagered it at odds of 2.0 or above. When your bet had been settled, they gave a free bet up to a maximum of £25.
High value odds that were on offer and a very user friendly site meant Stan James was normally one of the first choices. However, as other bookie sites have increased their promotions substantially. Stan James needed to compete fiercely to uphold the growth level, customer base and loyalty. Since the starting point of the 2011-2012 premier league football season, we have seen many standard free bet offers replaced with what we call bet baskets�. Whereby, you may be offered a £100 free bet in 4 stages. The stages may consist of 4 qualifying £25 bets, in return for the first £25 free bet. This helps generate far more revenue for the bookmaker and maintains loyalty.
Stan James has paid attention to customers, in that they have accepted customers desire for an improved sign-up offer. So to improve on their £25 free bet, they have completely modified it with a £150 bet basket. This makes the offer one of the best free bets after Bet 365, currently offer a £200 free bet basket.
Stan James £150 free bet offer is somewhat unique, in that it isn’t only a bet basket, but it is also a cumulative tier. You begin the offer initially with a straightforward, Deposit and bet £10, in return for a £10 free bet. To go on and receive your second free bet of £20 you then must place two bets that must average £20. Then for the third, three bets averaging £30, for this you get a £30 free bet. Then four bets averaging £40, for a £40 free bet. Then finally five bets, each averaging £50, to get a final £50 free bet. 
In my personal opinion from a individual point of view and a business point of view, this promotion is brilliant on so many levels. situs judi mpobos

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