Review of the Woom OFF Air Kids Mountain Bike

The woom OFF Air is a superlight kids mountain bike that has hydraulic disc brakes and components on par with adult bikes. It’s an ideal first bike for young riders who have just learned to ride.

The frame of the Woom OFF AIR is made of aluminum and is butted and hydroformed to save weight where possible. Using a lightweight frame means that it’s easy for your child to climb up and down steep trails without feeling the strain.

It also features a quality front suspension fork that can be adapted to the riders’ weight through rebound adjust. This gives them the ability to adjust the rider’s comfort levels, so they can enjoy all of the fun they can get on their bike.

A quality suspension fork is important to make sure that your kid can have the right amount of cushioning when they’re riding downhill, especially if they’re doing big drops or other gravity-oriented riding. Most of the suspension fork bikes in this price range have 20-inch frames with 80mm of travel, which is plenty of for most kids.

However, some of the higher-end brands like Prevelo have a 20-inch frame with 100mm of travel, so you may want to consider that option for your child. That said, the WOOM OFF AIR does have a quality front suspension fork that’s more responsive than what you’ll find on most bikes in this price range.

This fork also has a lockout function that can be activated when the rider needs to reduce bumpiness that can cause outriders to lose control. This is important to avoid getting your child stuck in an awkward position or losing their confidence on their bike.

The braking system is also innovative and works well for smaller hands. It uses a set of levers that are designed specifically for the children’s size and shape. The brakes are very easy to use and don’t require a lot of effort.

It’s a great bike for kids who are just learning to ride a mountain bike, but it’s also an excellent choice for older kids who are ready to learn more advanced tricks on the trail. The woom OFF AIR is built with high-quality parts, including a carbon fork, so it’s a safe and durable choice that will last your child a long time.

This is a fantastic bike for your child to have in their garage, whether they are just learning to ride or have already become a pro trail rider. It’s a great bike for anyone who wants to explore the local mountain trails or take on a downhill race park ride with friends.

The WOOM OFF AIR is a superlight mountain bike with a suspension fork and disc brakes that’s perfect for kids who are ready to go off-road. This bike is super durable and light so your child will be able to enjoy their bike for a long time to come. They’ll be able to ride for miles and hours on this lightweight machine. Woom Air

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