Remanufactured RV Cooling Units

A Cooling Unit You Can Trust
The top choice for RVers today is a remanufactured refrigerator cooling unit. This is a Dometic or Norcold replacement cooling unit that has been rebuilt with thicker tubing and a boiler design that won’t fail, saving you money compared to buying a new fridge. It is also much easier to install than a new refrigerator.

RV Refrigerator Cooling Units
An RV’s refrigerator is the most important appliance, so you want it to work properly. A faulty or worn-out cooling unit can cause your food to go bad or even freeze in some cases. Whether you have an old Dometic or Norcold gas absorption fridge or a newer compressor fridge, we can help you get it back up and running with a remanufactured cooling unit from Ozark.

If you have a Dometic refrigerator that isn’t cooling, or isn’t keeping ice cold, the problem is almost always in the cooling unit itself. It could be that it ruptures and leaks ammonia, or it may rust out and start leaking water. It’s time to replace it!

The remanufactured cooling unit installs in about an hour. This can be done in your own RV, with no need for a shop or outside work space. The hardest part is removing the rear mounting screws. Once those are removed, you can pull the refrigerator forward, remove the tape around the evaporator foam pack pocket and gently pry the cooling unit out of the pocket with your finger or a section of 2×4. It usually comes out easily at this point, but some units have become stuck inside the evaporator. If this occurs, contact the manufacturer for instructions on how to jiggle or remove the cooling unit from the pocket. rv cooling units

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