Pikachu LEGO Kit Review

Pikachu is the most recognizable Pokemon character in the world, a name that is so popular and ingrained into Japanese pop culture it’s often referred to as the “Mickey Mouse of Japan.” It’s hard to think of any other character that has been so embraced by the people of Japan as this adorable little creature.

A recent post on Reddit by a user by the handle of Bigbudlego has amassed thousands of upvotes for its time-lapse build of Pikachu, which assembles the iconic Pokemon character purely out of LEGO bricks and pieces. Clocking in at 30 seconds, it’s a great video that focuses on the details of this iconic character and shows off what it looks like to assemble a Pokemon out of LEGO.

The Pikachu build isn’t the only Pokemon-related LEGO build making waves on Reddit this week. Another fan’s spray paint portrait of a Legendary Pokemon also garnered attention for its vibrant colours and unique style.

One of the most iconic characters in Pokemon history, Pikachu is a yellow mouse-like creature that has the ability to generate electricity. Its cheek sacs contain the power to store energy in order to move faster, giving it a distinct speed advantage over its more sedentary counterparts.

Its tail is a powerful tool for attacking and it has the ability to detect its surroundings. It’s also capable of causing lightning storms when it gets together with other Pokemon, such as Charizard and Blastoise.

As the first video game character in Lego dimensions, this is a fun and exciting addition to any Pokemon fan’s collection! The set includes Pikachu, a Pokeball, a display case, and an animated rocky path that changes into a moving toy when it’s activated.

The box feels quite heavy and is packed full of plastic, but overall the building process was easy with good instructions and high quality pieces. The mechanism works well and I’ve no doubt the finished product will look fantastic on my son’s bedroom shelf – it’s an excellent gift for any Pokemon fan!

How to build Pikachu

The Pikachu LEGO kit comes with 1095 pieces, a display base and a crank that activates the legs, feet and tail. It is recommended for ages 8 and up, but children under 3 should not be allowed to play with it.

It’s a lot of pieces, so you may need to get some extra sets for different bits, but once complete it will look amazing on your shelves and your child will be proud of what they have built. The quality is also great and it’s sturdy which is essential for a toy that will be in play for long periods.

You’ll want to check the instructions before you begin. This set is rated at level 2 which makes it a relatively easy build, perfect for kids of all ages and skill levels. Plus, you can find a tutorial video online to make it even easier to assemble. It takes about 30 minutes to assemble this LEGO set and will make for a great addition to any Pokemon lover’s collection..Pikachu Lego

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