Moving Company Berlin

Moving company berlin are professional removal companies that provide services to

help with a move from one location to another. They are experienced and will work

to ensure that your move is a stress-free process. They will take care of all the

heavy lifting for you, reducing your moving costs and the risk of physical injury from

carrying heavy furniture. They will also make sure that your belongings are properly

protected and will work to arrange transportation by sea, air or road. They can also

help with customs clearance and storage.

Moving costs can vary significantly depending on a number of factors including the

size and volume of your items, the distance that you are moving and whether you

need special packing materials or specialised vehicles. The average cost of a move

within Germany for a single household is around EUR1104. Moving costs will

typically include a basic labour charge, a truck or container and the transport of your

belongings. Additional charges may be applied for packing, a cleaning service and

insurance. You will need to contact a moving company for a quote for your specific


There are a number of different companies that offer removal services in Berlin.

Some of these are members of IAM or FIDI and have a long history in the industry.

Others are newer to the market and have developed their operations through word

of mouth and recommendations. Some of the main players in the city include AGS

Froesch, Kopania, UTS and Deutsche Relocations.

AGS Froesch is a member of the Mobilitas Group and has been providing relocation

and logistics for over 120 years. They have two branches in Koblenz and Berlin and

work with 142 AGS branches globally to deliver international moves. They can

provide a full door-to-door moving service that includes an initial consultation and a

personal relocation manager. They can pack your belongings using specialist

packaging and dismantle and assemble furniture on arrival at your new home. They

can arrange transportation via road, rail, air and sea freight and can provide

customs clearance support.

Founded in 1960, Friedrich Kurz offers relocation and logistics solutions with

locations in Wetzlar and Berlin. They are a member of Euromovers and IAM and have

a network of moving agents across the globe to support international moves. They

can assist with residential, commercial and employee relocations as well as

archiving and document digitisation. They can provide a tailored door-to-door

moving service with a dedicated account manager and can pack your belongings

into standard or specialist packaging as well as assemble, dismantle and clean

furniture. They can also arrange bespoke crates, a handyman service and the

coordination of craftsmen, disposal of waste and renovation works.

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moving help right away. It takes less than five minutes to find a trusted and

affordable mover in umzugsunternehen berlin

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