Microsoft Azure Solutions

microsoft azure solutions is a collection of cloud-based services that you can deploy to build, run and manage your workloads and applications. With a wide range of platforms and software as a service options, you can deploy VMs, host and scale databases, build and deploy mobile apps, design IoT devices, and connect to online storage and database resources.

Azure’s infrastructure as a service (IaaS) solutions include virtual machines that let you run Windows or Linux-based software and applications in the cloud. It also includes a wide range of other IaaS services, such as virtual networks, storage, firewalls and load balancers.

Platform as a service (PaaS) solutions allow developers to quickly deploy and configure web apps and APIs without managing the underlying hardware. Azure App Services provides a unified application development platform that’s language agnostic, enabling you to develop scalable applications in any programming language. Azure Data Lake Storage enables you to store unstructured data in big, flat files and analyze it without the need for expensive databases.

Security and compliance offerings help you meet regulatory requirements and mitigate the risk of cyber attacks. Azure offers a full suite of identity and access management tools, including multi-factor authentication, single sign-on and identity governance. Azure Web Application Protection safeguards web applications against common web vulnerabilities, such as SQL Injection and Cross Site Scripting.

The cloud-based services in Azure allow you to store your data and applications in multiple regions around the world. This lets you easily move your apps and data to a region closer to your users, while still meeting global privacy and business continuity requirements.

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