Is Real Estate Wholesaling For You? Part 1

With all of the real estate investing methods available, how do you know if real estate wholesaling is for you? If you answer yes to the following questions then real estate wholesaling might be the pefect investing method for you.

You do not like the risk associated with traditional real estate investing

Traditional investing methods involve owning a piece of property and hoping that it increases in value. Meanwhile you may be losing sleep because of a plummeting real estate market, or you have to deal with pain in the butt tenants.

You do not have piles of cash to invest or no cash at all

Many of you want to become investors because you want money, not because you already have money. Traditional investing is next to impossible without money, real estate wholesaling allows you to make great money even when you have none.

You live in an area where housing prices are flat or falling quickly

Since real estate wholesaling does not require you to buy anything. You can easily make stress free income in any real estate market, without the worrying about what direction the market is heading.

You do not have credit, or you have bruised credit-

Just because life has handed you some tough luck, doesn’t mean that you should be banned from real estate investing forever. Since real estate wholesaling does not require credit then it may be perfect for you.

You have no experience as a real estate investor

Real estate wholesaling is the perfect way to break into the real estate investing business. Since wholesaling is risk free, and requires no cash and no credit, there are no barriers between you and the success that you deserve. The Atelier

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