Installing Interior Window Shutters

Interior window shutters have been used for hundreds of years to create privacy, light control, and a sense of elegance for any room. While other window treatments can offer some of the same benefits, they just don’t have the same stream-lined style and elegance that interior shutters have. You can find window shutters made of wood, faux wood, and other materials.

Typically, an interior window shutter can be installed within a window frame or on hanging strips next to the window. Hanging strips are simply strips of wood around ¾ inches by ¾ inches that are mounted on the wall and painted to match the window trim. Installing an interior window shutter is easier if you use hanging strips because windows are often not square and it can be time consuming to get the shutter to fit inside the frame.

Before you begin, you need to determine if the shutters should be painted to match your décor. Some shutters come unfinished or you may wish to make them a different color. If you need to change the shutters from their purchase condition, the time to do so is before you hang them. Prime and paint them or finish them with a wood stain. Louvered shutters can be difficult to paint so you may want to use spray paint in order to get into the corners.

To install your interior window shutters to hanging strips, first hang the window strips to the sides of the window frame. By using a hanging strip, your shutters will be level and plumb even if your window is not.

Next, use hinge mounts to hinge the shutter panels together. In some cases, these mounts will be included with the shutters). Use a spacer before permanent attachment to make sure that the window shutters will be able to open and close.

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to attach hinges to the shutters and position them in the windows. You will want to check that they are level and that there is a consistent space around them. Brace the shutters in the position you want them in and mark the hinge locations on the hinge strip. Drill holes for the hinges on the strip and attach the shutters to the hinge strip.

While many people hire professionals to hang interior window shutters, you can do this task if you follow the instructions and take care. Hanging shutters inside the window frame can be more difficult, and if you choose this route, you may want to consider having someone more experienced hang them. If you are using hanging strips on the outside of the window, however, you can do it yourself. Shutters north east

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