Inspirational Designs Rings

Jewelry can express much, from the date of an engagement or wedding to a name that symbolically stands for eternal faithfulness. The imagination of contemporary designers shows that almost any wish or thought can be conveyed by jewelry.

Ornamental writing has long been an important element of jewelry design. For example, French artist Line Vautrin engraved image riddles or “rebusses” on her cigarette and powder boxes that used letters, numbers and images to form proverbs and sayings such as “silence is golden” and “the devil finds work for idle hands.”

Engraved words on rings have also been popular. The word rings shown here feature a single inspirational word such as “hope,” “love” or “perservere.” Message rings have been popular with men and women for many reasons. They can remind them of their own personal mantra or a family member’s quote. Alternatively, they can be a reminder of the value of faith and spirituality.

In the ring shown here, which is a replica of one carved by an ancient Greek goldsmith for a king, the word “Never Give Up” is engraved in the center of the ring. It’s a reminder that no matter how challenging life may seem, never give up on your dreams.

Using the principles of movement, unity, contrast, harmony and emphasis in your jewelry designs will help you create more cohesive pieces. To learn more about these jewelry design principles, check out this seven-part series of articles from MJSA Journal. inspirational designs rings

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