Infiniti Used Cars – The Luxurious M45

Infiniti used cars like the M45 are part of The Nissan Motor Corporation’s high-end division that competes with the likes of BMW’s -5 Series, Mercedes-Benz E-Class and the Audi A6 just to name a few. When Nissan first came up with the idea to go head to head with these other brands in the luxury marketplace, it wasn’t as smooth as it could have been. It was only until Infiniti decided to branch out into the sedan and coupe areas of the auto industry, that the public took notice of this luxury brand. We’ll look at the Infiniti M45 from the mid 2000’s as a used car to buy.

Infiniti M45 used cars:

When you look at the M45’s interior you know Infiniti spared no expense with the whistles and bells. The M45 has beautiful leather seats, which match so well with the wood trim. The engine instruments are easy to read and the center console is well designed. Also if you do decide to get the navigation system, it’s placed in a great position for the driver to read. This four door sedan is very well designed for comfort and it makes driving on long trips easy to enjoy.

Infiniti used cars like the M45 model have two engines to choose from. The base package comes with V-6, 3.5-litre engine, which has 280 horsepower. The next model up has a V8, 4.5-litre, 335 horsepower engine. Both models come with five speed automatic transmissions, which also offer a shifter for manual driving. The only downfall with the V8 engine is it does not come in all-wheel drive; the all wheel drive only comes with the V6 engine.

The M45 has a lot of great safety features that Infiniti included in this vehicle. It has front air bags, roof mounted airbags and side curtain air bags to protect from collisions. It’s also equipped with all-wheel ABS brake discs, it also has a electronic braking system that helps when the vehicle loses control. The one thing that Infiniti offers for safety that Audi, Mercedes and BMW don’t offer, is the M45’s warning system. This neat feature has cameras that watch if you cross a lane without signalling and if this happens a beep will go off to let you know. Yachts for sale

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