How to travel with a stroller via plane

You will not be able to bring the baby stroller to the plane unless you check it. However, some of the collapsible strollers are accepted from this check-in process. You can inquire whether you need to check-in your baby stroller or not at the time of dropping your bags. You don’t need to make a payment when you are checking in the baby stroller.

Get check the baby stroller

When you arrive at flight gate, you need to go ahead with gate check of your baby stroller. You are encouraged to do this immediately when come near the gate. That’s because the agents at the gate tend to get busy when nearing the boarding time. Therefore, you should go to check the baby stroller as soon as you come near the gate.

The agent who works at the gate will ask few questions from you. For example, you will have to provide answers on total number of pieces in the stroller. That’s because the agent will have to tag those items separately. In case if there is an additional seat on top of your baby stroller, you will be having two different pieces. If you only have the stroller, you need to tell that you only have one piece.

The agents will also come across the need to get to know about your destination. That’s not because the agent is going to ensure that you are taking the stroller to the destination. The agent needs to make sure that he is placing the correct tag on the stroller, especially when there is a connecting flight.

How to prepare the stroller for check-in

Once you come to end of the bridge, you will have to make the baby stroller prepared to move to the cargo. If there is a line, you are encouraged to start getting ready as you move forward slowly. Then you will be able to pack up all the loosely fittign items that you can find in the baby stroller. Along with that, you can gather up jackets and coats that are stored under the baby stroller.

Where should you leave the baby stroller

Upon packing up, you need to figure out where you should leave the best lightweight stroller you have. You will be able to leave the stroller near the circular vestibule space that can be found at the end of Jet Bridge when getting into the flight. In case if you are traveling in a small regional jet, you will be able to find a bunch of Rolla boards.

In some of the flights, you will be able to find a ramp worker, who is waiting just outside the door to collect items such as the stroller. You will have to handover the stroller to that person. Then you will be able to collect the stroller from your destination.

Where should you pick up the stroller

You will be able to pick up the baby stroller from the same place that you dropped. In case if you are sitting in the rear seats of the flight, you will be able to find the stroller awaiting for you near the door of the flight. It is better to delay getting out of the flight. Then you can make sure that you don’t need to wait for any time near the exit of the flight door to collect your stroller. The door at the jet bridge is a crowded place. That’s because you will often be able to find wheelchairs, which are being used to push passengers who are in need of support and assistance. On the other hand, you can find a solid queue of passengers who are coming out of the flight as well. Hence, it is better if you can wait for some time and then come out of the flight. Then you can get your hands on the stroller with ease. strollers

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