How To Take Wine Tours From Verona

If you are looking to taste great Italian wine and relax in a quiet and serene atmosphere, Valpolicella in Verona is a perfect destination. It is among one of the best tours from Verona. This little town, whose name translates to “valley of many cellars” in Latin, has a long history of welcoming visitors to wine tastings through wine tours. During the tours you visit different wineries and of course you are free to buy some to take home. You even get the chance to learn a little about the process of making wine as you will see several wineries in action. In addition to this, it is close to some of the top tourist destinations such as Lake Garda. Because it has great weather all year, you can go to Valpolicella any time.

Valpolicella has great views that many wake to enjoy every morning during their holiday there. You will not be disappointed by the food choices there – there are lots of quiet restaurants where you can quietly sample different Italian delicacies. As you may already know, Lake Garda, which is visited by many who have been to Valpolicella, is packed with activities for tourists. There is a wide range of water activities that you can enjoy and those who prefer some peace and quite can take a hike in the hills. Don’t forget to order the local wines to accompany your meals. History buffs will also have a great time here – there are castles and churches in this region that have long and interesting histories.

Although Valpolichella is famous for many types of wines, it is most well known for several excellent wines. One of the most famous is Amarone which is short for Amarone della Valpolicella. It is made using a method called Passito that is unique to the area. In brief, grapes are dried for several months before they are fermented. The longer the grapes are left to dry, the denser the sugars and flavors become. Eventually, after the fermentation process is complete the wines are quite alcoholic. The other popular wine making method in the area is called the Ripasso method and it produces wines that have an even fuller body than the Amarone. In short, wine that has already been made using the Passito method is re-fermented. Other wine varieties from this area include Sweet Recioto, the famous Molinara and another very popular brand, the Negrara.

Other than go on wine tasting tours, there are several other things you may want to do while you are there. You can go to Negrar which is halfway between Lake Garda and Verona to enjoy the scenic beauty of the area. Another spectacular scene is the Park Falls of Molina as well as the many historical sites that are near Valpolicella. wine tours Willamette Valley

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