How to Get the Most Out of an Online Training Program

Online training program is the process of delivering learning content to your employees using a virtual platform. The training can be anything from simple text-based courses, through to interactive elements like video, audio, simulations or even augmented reality components. The beauty of online training is that it doesn’t require an instructor to deliver the course in person, and it also removes the need to wait for a cohort of learners to be gathered in one place, thereby saving time and money.

The rise of remote working has created a new challenge for L&D departments, who need to find ways to support their workforce when they’re not in the office. Online training is an ideal solution, and when it’s designed well it can be even more effective than classroom-based instruction.

To get the most out of your online training program, you should start by defining what the goals are for your team. This will help you create a more focused and targeted program that will have the greatest impact on your team’s ability to perform their job. This could be anything from improving your employees’ productivity, to increasing your customer satisfaction levels or increasing your employee retention rates.

You should then use this high-level goal to create a set of objectives for your online training. This will give you a clear roadmap to follow when developing your program, and will help you measure your progress along the way. If you have clear metrics in mind, it will be much easier to demonstrate the success of your online training program and to show its value to your business.

Unlike traditional classroom-based instruction, online training programs can be designed to be more engaging for your learners. You can incorporate gamified interactivities and other learning activities that encourage participation, as well as quizzes and tests that allow your learners to check their knowledge and identify any gaps. Online learning is also a great tool to use for onboarding and retraining, as you can tailor the content of your courses based on where each individual team member is at in their career.

With an online learning program, you can keep your employees productive and engaged because the training becomes part of their everyday work. They’re not removed from their jobs for days at a time, and they can pause or skip training if they have pressing projects that need their attention. They can also learn in small chunks of time – tools like microlearning mean that they can take a few minutes out of their day to complete a short online training course, then return to their regular work.

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