How to Find the Best Silver Polish

Silver polish is a handy item to keep around the house to keep your silver flatware, jewelry and other items shiny. It removes a thin layer of sulfur (present in water and the air) that creates the dark, tarnished look. It works by reacting with the aluminum in your silver, causing them to form a clean, shiny, anti-tarnish coating that you can wipe off with a cloth. The best silver polishes will also work on other metals like gold and copper, making them a great choice to keep around for all your household cleaning needs.

There are a lot of options for silver polish, from foam to cream to disposable wipes, and you can even find non-toxic formulas made of plant ingredients. But not all products are created equal, so we reached out to experts for tips on how to shop for the best silver polish for your needs. We talked to Casey Fahey, head polisher and restorer at East Village Bangles; Esme Rogers-Evans, jewelry designer at Duxford Studios; and Alessandro Gazzo of Emily’s Maids for advice on what types of products and solutions they like to use to spiff up their heirloom silver and jewelry.

This gentle but versatile polish can be used on sterling silver, plated silver, and antique silver, as well as other metals including brass, bronze, copper and gold. It’s mild enough to be used without gloves and will not scratch delicate pieces. Just dab a small amount on your chosen cloth and rub it onto your silver, paying special attention to any crevices or designs. Then rinse the piece, dry it with another cloth and buff to a shine.

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