How to Buy the Right Golf Cart Bag

Is it time to replace your golf cart bag? Depending how much you play, the golf cart bag is a very important piece of golf equipment. The reasons are simple. Obviously, it is very important because it assists you with the storage and transportation of your golf clubs as well as other golf equipment.

With the size of a golf cart bag, you can easily carry your clubs, tees, markers as well as other things you will need during your round of golf. The bag itself does not necessarily have a direct correlation to your score however, it can allow you to carry items that could make your round of golf more comfortable and more enjoyable for you.

The basic golf bag comes in three sizes. The first is a staff golf bag or tour golf bag. Obviously, this name comes from the professionals that are on staff with a certain company to promote the company’s products. The second is the golf cart bag. These bags are typically not quite as large as a staff or tour bag and are meant to be placed on the rear of a golf cart. These golf bags are not meant to be carried by the average player during their round of golf.

A golf stand carry bag can be used on the back of a golf cart as well as carried by the player during the round. These bags are typically about 4 pounds in weight prior to adding your golf equipment. Depending on the golf you usually play, any one of these styles can suit your needs.

In determining the kind of golf bag will best suit you and the type of golf that you play, you need to first decide if you walk or ride most of your rounds of golf. If you walk the majority of your rounds, you will need a golf stand carry bag. You may choose to also have a cart golf bag for trips or special occasions. In addition, you will need to think about your typical golf club and how your golf clubs are normally transported about the club.

Do you have to personally carry them quite a bit or is the staff able to assist you with your bag? I think that you get the drift, the more that you carry your own clubs the more you need a golf stand carry bag.

The golf stand carry bag is a smaller bag designed for those who are prone to walk the golf course or have to transport their own clubs around the club. These lightweight golf bags are designed for the players comfort as they are carried by the player. Although these bags are light weight they can hold a full set of golf clubs (fourteen), golf balls, range finder GPS unit, tees, umbrella as well as a rain suit. These bags typically have room for a pair of golf shoes for when you travel.

The staff/tour bag is the largest selection of golf bags which is available, they are much larger that the travel/carry bag or the cart golf bag. You see the professional golfers on TV use these golf bags. However, they do not personally carry them due to their weight. They travel with caddies to help them instead. The amount of equipment that these golfers can carry is as much as they would like and an average PGA Tour Bag is 40-45 lbs with all the equipment in it. The price for the staff tour bags is substantially higher than that of the cart golf bag or the travel/carry bag.

The golf cart bag is a smaller version of the tour bag. Again, these bags are deigned to ride on the back of a golf cart. The pockets are typically designed for easy access as the bag sits on a golf cart. sales michael kors handbags

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