How Do YouTube Views Work?

Whether you’re a brand new YouTube content creator or a veteran trying to make an impact on the platform, you probably have questions about how views work. Getting a better understanding of the process is one of the first steps to growing your audience and expanding your reach on the channel.

YouTube is very careful about how it counts views, and that’s a good thing. The platform has developed a system that ensures that a view is a true viewer-initiated, intended play of a spam-free video. They also want to ensure that the video was watched by a human on one device, and not by bots or other automated tools that try to inflate video count numbers.

A real-time view is recorded every time a video is played on YouTube. This includes when it’s watched on a mobile device, desktop, or the YouTube website. It also includes a view that’s recorded when the video is embedded on a website or social media like Facebook. In addition, a view is counted each time the video plays for at least 30 seconds on its own, even if it’s watched multiple times in a day.

There are several ways to get fake views, but the most common is simply refreshing a video over and over again in an attempt to bring up the number. YouTube has software that detects this, and they remove those views from the count to keep things running smoothly on their site. YouTube views 

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