Grip Socks – What Are They?

Grip socks are a fantastic addition to any footballer’s arsenal. They increase stability, control and comfort allowing players to perform at their best no matter the external conditions. Whether you’re playing in a cold rain or the ground is starting to soften up in November, grip socks will provide you with a much needed added level of security on the pitch.

GRIP SOCKS are made from a high-performance fabric that has small rubber grips on the bottom of each one. This allows your feet to grip the ground when wearing the socks, making sharp turns and sudden stops easier. This gives you an advantage over your opponent, even if it’s just a split second extra as you turn to spin a defender and run into space towards the ball.

Another great feature of grip socks is that they prevent blisters by having thicker material in areas that are prone to them such as the toe area. Having this added layer of protection against friction is especially useful during pre season when new boots and hard ground are a recipe for sore feet!

Grip socks are also popular with professional footballers as they offer an added edge to their game. This could be due to the increased stability, reduced internal slippage or even improved boot responsiveness. The main reason however, is that the split seconds in the game are often won by inches and having an advantage with every step will give them the extra edge they need to get on top of their rivals. football socks grip

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