Fire Water Tank Repairs

Fire water tanks are a key component of any building’s life safety system. They’re used in standpipe engineering, sprinkler systems and deluge systems.

These tanks need to be in good condition so that they function properly when needed during a fire. In fact, the condition of a fire water tank is taken into consideration by insurance companies when determining a policy’s underwriting and renewal considerations. Unfortunately, due to the high demand for fire water tanks and increased inspection requirements by both the state and insurance companies, these important assets can become damaged over time. Many of these problems are easy to avoid with regular maintenance and proper repair.

During routine inspections, firefighters should look for cracks, corrosion and other damage to the fire water tank. The tank’s foundation needs to be monitored more frequently for structural integrity than other parts of the tank, because the pressure on a fire tank can cause significant structural damage if the foundation is not in good condition.

It’s also important to regularly inspect a tank’s vents, overflow pipes, drain valves and vortex plates for blockages, leaks and other problems that can occur. These can affect the performance of the fire suppression system if they’re not addressed promptly.

It’s recommended to perform these inspections at least on a daily basis, depending on the tank’s design and size. Also, a weekly visual inspection should be performed of the outside of the tank and monthly visual inspections should be made of the internal tanks components, such as the valves and pumps. fire water tank repairs

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