Fintecture and the Goodies Pub


The Goodies Pub is a cozy and welcoming pub, perfect for enjoying drinks with friends. Its terrace overlooks the river. Its menu offers made-to-order omelets, mini Belgian waffles and smoked salmon as well as a variety of meat dishes. You can also enjoy a cocktail, a glass of wine or a brewski.

Information technology (IT) encompasses all aspects of computer systems, hardware, software, and networks that support the processing, distribution, and storage of data. It is an integral part of most organizations, even those that don’t field an IT department.

Prior to the implementation of the Fintecture solution, business customers who placed orders on the Goodies Pub e-commerce site had only the option of paying by credit card. The e-commerce team therefore had to manually process all the transfers received, involving assistants and secretaries in time-consuming processes with high risk of errors and which considerably lengthened order processing times. Now, thanks to the immediate transfer and smart transfer modules of the Fintecture payment hub, all the transfers are automatically detected, the reconciliation is automated and the risk of error has been eliminated. This allows internal teams to be freed up, for a real gain in productivity.

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