DIY All Natural Hair Products

You eat five servings of nutrient dense kale per week, you compost, you are a master of do it yourself upcycling, and you drive a hybrid car. You treat your body and the environment with great care. So why are you still dumping harsh chemicals on your hair? Tame your mane with organic hair products!

There are many benefits to switching to an organic hair care regimen. When you buy an all natural shampoo or conditioner, you won’t have to stumble over the ingredients list, being left tongue-tied by unpronounceable seven syllable chemicals. Gentler ingredients, like Aloe Vera and almond oil, will replace these harsh chemicals. These organic elements will improve the health of your hair and scalp, and are much less likely to cause irritation or allergic reactions.

If you have been damaging your hair with harsh chemicals and heating products, organic products can help to turn back time. Shampoos and conditioners laden with chemicals not only damage hair, but they also leave behind product build up. By switching to all natural cleansers and conditioners, you can help rid your hair of years of chemical damage and build up. Using organic products can assist in reversing the long-term effects of chemical products, while nourishing and protecting new hair.

While there are many excellent organic hair care products on the market, you can also take a do it yourself approach to all natural hair care. You can create a number of moisturizing hair masks out of products you already have in your kitchen!

Is your hair looking dry and brittle? You can whip up a kitchen concoction, sure to infuse it with lots of shine and volume. To make this deep conditioning hair mask, you will need the following ingredients:

1 tablespoon of honey
1 tablespoon of heavy cream
1 avocado
1 banana
1 teaspoon of olive oil

Once you have all of the necessary ingredients, it is time to blend!

1. Remove the pit of the avocado, slice, and throw it into the blender. Repeat with the banana. Add the honey, cream, and olive oil. Blend until the mixture is smooth.

2. Shampoo your hair.

3. Coat damp hair with the mixture, making sure to cover the whole head. If you can, comb the treatment through your hair with a wide toothcomb.

4. Cover your hair with plastic. Allow the mixture to sit for 20 to 30 minutes. If you want to speed up the process, add heat to the equation. Do this by wrapping a hot towel around your head.

This deep moisturizing mask will help to reveal healthier, happier locks! Avocado is rich in healthy fats, which act as a hydrating moisturizer for your hair. Honey is both a humectant and an emollient, which means that it locks in moisture and makes hair smoother. Bananas contain high amounts of potassium, which works to strengthen damaged hair. The heavy cream is high in fat and moisture. Together, these ingredients will leave your hair looking shiny and feeling healthier. oribe hair products

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