Choosing a Divorce Lawyer in Kiryat

Divorce can be a difficult time for all involved. It forces people to re-examine their lives and their goals, and the consequences of divorce can continue for years. A good divorce lawyer can protect your rights and ensure that you are treated fairly throughout the process. They will also help you file the necessary documents and work with you to navigate an unfamiliar legal system. If you are looking for a divorce attorney in Kiryat, Hait Family Law can provide you with assistance.

In Israel, there are two parallel systems for family law: civil courts which rule based on secular laws and religious courts, known as the Rabbinic Court, which rule based on Jewish law. A Jewish couple must receive their official divorce document, called a GET (Gett) in the Rabbinic Court, or they will not be legally divorced. Other aspects of a divorce, such as custody and property settlement, can be decided in either system.

When choosing a divorce lawyer, it is important to find someone who aligns with your approach to the case. Some attorneys may work in a collaborative style that aims to minimize conflict and settle the divorce without going to trial, while others may have a more aggressive approach. It is also important to choose an attorney with whom you feel a comfort level and who treats you with respect and dignity during this stressful time. You can search for a qualified family law firm in Kiryat by using the LawReviews directory. LawReviews enables you to find lawyers and law firms in your area based on dozens of real customer reviews. You can even filter by regions in the country and languages spoken. עורך דין גירושין בקריות

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