Choosing a Custom Gaming PC Builder

When it comes to a custom gaming pc builder, the options are limitless. It can be a satisfying DIY experience to choose the best parts and make something you can be proud of, but it’s also nice to have that option taken care of for you, with a company providing a high-end build designed to last.

While these specialized systems are typically more expensive than general-purpose desktops, the value they provide to users can be huge, especially for gamers that want the best possible hardware. These companies offer a wide selection of components that are designed to meet the needs of gamers, with some even offering customization options like paint jobs or case panel graphics, which can add a personal touch to your new PC.

Corsair offers a full-fledged PC configurator with a graphical interface that starts by asking you whether you want an entry, mid, or high-end system, narrowing down the compatible hardware as you go. It’s a well-rounded tool that lets you compare RAM, GPUs, drives, and power supplies in one place before letting you choose the case to put it all in.

Another great option is BLD by NZXT, which asks you about your desired processor (AMD or Intel), then gives you a surprisingly comprehensive list of available components to choose from for the rest of the system. This includes hardware from many of the top manufacturers, from G.Skill RAM to WD storage, but the only catch is that it all has to fit into one of NZXT’s signature cases. custom gaming pc builder

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