Children With ADHD – Symptoms and Types

ADHD means Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is an inability to gain concentration to do a work or being hyperactive. The symptoms of ADHD may start before the age of seven years in children. The confirmation of this disorder must be made only after a proper and regular notification of the symptoms. ADHD is usually found in 8 to 10% of children. ADHD affected children usually act without thinking.

Symptoms of Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder:

The symptoms of ADHD are

  • Those children are found restless
  • It would be a bit difficult to gain their attention
  • They will always like to play alone
  • They talk a lot
  • Those children can be distracted very easily

Few behaviors may seem like symptoms of ADHD but they are not. Those behaviors are due to stress or anxiety or depression. Few situations which make people to behave as if they are ADHD affected persons are as follows

  • Sudden change in life style
  • Stress due to work
  • Because of society, environment

Diagnosing ADHD:

Doctors would find it very difficult to diagnose ADHD by the symptoms provided prior by other patients or any other pediatrics. This disorder is diagnosed in between 8 and 14 years of age. All the children may show the symptoms of ADHD during few times if they get anxious. The symptoms of ADHD are present over a long period of time.

Curing ADHD:

Successfully ADHD can be treated and cured. The children with ADHD can be made to live in this society normally as other people without any disorder due to this ADHD. ADHD doesn’t have any special type of medicine instead they can be treated with the help of change in behavior of the affected children and changing the society in which they are living in.

Types of ADHD:

There are three types of ADHD they are

  • Hypoactive
  • Hyperactive
  • Combined type

Hypoactive type:

This type of ADHD reduces the activity of the affected person. The children affected by this type will be found to be very inactive and their attention could be attained that much easily.

Hyperactive type:

In this type the children are found to be more active and they speak a lot and they like to have more attention over them.

Combined type:

In this type the children may behave inactive few times or overactive at other times.

Few tips or points to keep our child away from attention deficit hyperactive disorder.

Many of the parents have wrong concepts over adhd because of this wrong concept parents are over restricting their children. This is mainly due to few rumors which are found around us. Parents must understand that over restriction may also lead to adhd. So I request you all parents not to consider the entire rumor and the sayings of all your neighbors instead make clear research on adhd or read a clear article or blog about adhd like this one. Even it is better to consult a doctor nearby. 30 mg vyvanse

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