Best Bikes For Kids – 8 Things You Have To Consider When Buying

When your child is interested in a bike, it is time to let them into the world of bike riding with open arms and enthusiasm. No matter if your child has just learned how to walk and you want to get them their first little bike or they are going into first grade and they want to ride to school, purchasing a bike for a child is much more complicated than you think it is. That is because, unlike adults, kids’ bikes are not always sized based on the height and length of a frame. They are offered in sizes that are based on wheel sizes. Luckily, we live in a time where you can find anything online as well as a size chart that has all the measurements so you can get the perfect size bike for your kids. Looking up size charts is the best starting point for purchasing the first bike for your child. If you are ready for this adventure, there are things that you have to consider when you are purchasing a bike for kids. Getting The First Bike: Balance Bike Vs Training Wheels

When you are purchasing the first bike for your kid you have to think about which one you will be getting. Just like for adults, there are many different types you can choose from. You can choose tricycles, a bike with training wheels, BMX or a balance bike. Here are some differences that will help you choose the right one. 

  • Tricycle: As its name says, a tricycle has three wheels. They are very low to the ground and they are very stable, so if you have a young child, this might be the best starting bike for them. But keep in mind, unlike riding a bicycle a tricycle will not help them develop the skill of balance. 
  • Training Wheels: The most popular first option for kids is a classic two-wheeled bike that has attached training wheels to it. For the majority of people, this is how they’ve learned to ride a bike. They are one of the best options because you can take the training wheels off once you are confident enough to try to ride a bike without any help. Once again, the main downside is that with the training wheels your child will not have the experience that will provide them with learning about balancing. Another disadvantage about this is that they can be quite unstable for younger riders. 
  • Balance Bikes: one of the best options for kids who are just learning to ride a bike is a balance bike that has two wheels and no pedals. The bike will require your child to sit on the saddle, balance and scoot at the same time which will prepare them for the real bike. 

In the long run, the decision is up to you and your family as well as the abilities of your child. Gears And Gear Shifters Can Cause Problems

Sometimes even the smallest bikes for kids will have gears and that is just something young rides don’t need. It will not only confuse them, but it will also add more weight to the bike which can cause the kids to tip over more easily. The most common advice is to avoid bikes with gears until you are getting them a bike that has at least a 20″ wheel size and even then, you should still consider if they need it. Once your kid knows how to ride a bike with no help what so even, then you can think about getting them a bike with gears. First, you will want to start with a simple triple chain set in the front which will provide 21 or more gears. If they are advanced and are going through different terrains, you will want to get them a bike that has the best gear ratios to the size bike they are riding. The difference between adult and kid gear shifters is the fact that child ones will obviously have kid-sized components so their small hands can use them easily. Depending on your child and their size you will choose different types of shifters that will help them speed around the neighborhood.  electric tricycle

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