Barber Shop Furniture – Choosing the Right Pieces for Your Salon

Barber shop furniture is an important part of any salon. It plays a large role in the client experience and helps set your business apart from the competition. From the barber chair itself to hair tools and other styling supplies, there are many things you should consider when choosing the perfect pieces for your space.

Whether you’re looking for an antique chair to capture the old-fashioned style of a traditional barbershop or a modern salon chair that reflects your contemporary tastes, you need to find chairs that are comfortable, properly functioning and reflect your salon’s image. The right barber chair will help you create a unique salon experience that makes clients feel like royalty while providing a high-quality service for your customers.

There are many different types of barber chairs to choose from, but you should consider your budget and the needs of your clients when selecting a style. When buying barber chairs, look for a sturdy construction with reinforced double stitching and commercial-grade vinyls. The seat should be cushioned and have a backrest that can support the weight of your customers. Ideally, the headrest should be adjustable with up to four different settings. Lastly, the chair should have a hydraulic pump that can accommodate 440 pounds and a reclining capability of up to 145 degrees.

Once you’ve selected the perfect barber chairs for your salon, it’s time to add some additional accessories to elevate your services and give clients a luxury salon experience. Invest in a high-quality barber razor that can deliver a clean, close shave and is easy to maintain. Additionally, be sure to stock your barber shop with essential products like a pomade for creating slicked-back styles and hair styling cream to add shine and hold.

A swivel barber chair is ideal for the quick-handed, comb and scissor barbers who are able to flip their hands around while deftly blending sides on a fade. This type of chair also allows you to see all angles in the mirror and is easy to sanitize.

Besides the barber chairs and other hair equipment, you’ll also need to choose a salon sink that is durable and easy to sanitize. A stainless steel sink is an excellent option for barber shops because it is durable, easy to maintain and can withstand frequent use by multiple barbers. Moreover, a stainless steel sink is easy to keep clean and will not harbor bacteria that can cause illness in your clients.

Lastly, a salon stool is another essential barber shop tool that will ensure your clients are comfortable while receiving a haircut or shave. It’s important to find a swivel stool with an ergonomic design and padded cushions for maximum comfort. Make sure the stool has a locking mechanism so that it stays securely in place during the cutting and shampooing process. The stools should also be easy to clean so that you can easily wipe them down between customers. The last thing you want is a dirty stool to give your clients a bad first impression. Barber shop mobilie

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