Advantages of a Soft Wash Car Wash

A soft wash car wash is what most people envision when they think of their local drive-thru wash. Multiple cloth strips rotate around the vehicle using a combination of efficient soap foam solutions and mild friction to effectively scrub away built up dirt, salt, bugs, bird droppings and more. This type of wash method also offers an advantage over touchless car washes that relies solely on high-powered jets of pressurized water and specialized detergents to shift dirt and grime from your vehicle’s exterior.

During the wash cycle, the soft materials of a soft-touch car wash system are flooded with soap and water to keep them lubricated and clean as they rotate. This constant deluge of soap and water saturating the closed-cell foam and felt cloth breaks the electro-molecular bond surface contaminants have with your vehicle’s exterior. After the scrubbing cycle, low-pressure water is used to rinse your car of the loose debris.

While these soft-touch systems do a great job of cleaning vehicles, they can become abrasive to your paint if not properly maintained. Dirt particles can accumulate on the felt strips and create abrasive friction against your vehicle’s paint if not properly rubbed off during the washing process. This abrasion can leave behind scratches or dings on your vehicle’s finish that may need refinishing.

For car dealerships seeking more satisfied service customers and higher CSI scores, and convenience stores that value maximum throughput over bells and whistles, a soft wash system is an excellent choice. When compared to other types of automatic washes, soft-touch systems can increase your total number of cars cleaned per hour by as much as 50 percent! soft wash car wash

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