A Relaxed, Refreshed Airline Passenger Is a Happier More Loyal Customer

There is considerable value for airlines in being able to maintain long-term relationships with passengers. While attracting new customers is obviously extremely important, the ability to keep existing passengers happy and motivated enough to book their next journey with you is integral to long-term business success.

There are many approaches to building long-term relationships with customers, including incentive-based marketing and follow-up communications. However, nothing can beat the impact of delivering an exceptional level of service for passengers while they’re at the airport or on-board the aircraft. Whether passengers are travelling for business or pleasure, they want to feel confident that their experience is going to be a positive one. Get the approach right first time and your airline is much more likely to be the first place they turn to when booking their next flight.

No matter what their reason for travelling, one thing your passengers will be looking for from the journey will be relaxation. Many will even be hoping to get some sleep during the flight, so they can start their holiday or business trip feeling refreshed. Unfortunately, this isn’t always an easy feat – particularly as fellow passengers may want to talk or have children that are making noise – so it’s important that airlines find a way of ensuring that the passengers who wish to sleep and relax are able to do so.

One way in which airlines can help passengers get the sleep and relaxation they need is to provide them with greater comfort. This can be achieved with the provision of sleeping aids such as pillows, blankets, socks and eye covers and also reclining seats and plenty of leg room.

Another option – and one that’s sure to become increasingly popular – is to offer passengers a sleep and relaxation product called pzizz through their personal in-flight entertainment (IFE) systems. It’s a first of a kind for airline IFE systems and helps passengers get the sleep and rest they want during a flight. The unique pzizz system, which features relaxing voices and messages over soothing music, is already used by more than half a million passengers in 100 countries and can have a number of positive effects on passengers – from solving sleep problems and boosting energy to reducing stress; all of which are contributing factors to a pleasant flight.

If a customer then leaves a flight feeling refreshed and with plenty of energy, it is far more likely that they will reflect on their airline experience in a positive light. Through maximum comfort and using pzizz via the on-board IFE system, airlines can put passengers in a better frame of mind and reduce lapses in concentration post flight – this is especially beneficial for business travellers or those who have to drive somewhere after landing.

If passengers are satisfied with their in-flight experience, not only are they more likely to rebook with the same airline, but they may also advocate your service to their friends, relatives or colleagues. They may also choose to populate online forums and social network sites with positive comments – as opposed to potentially damaging negative messages – which could enhance your passenger numbers even further.

Through offering a relaxing, comfortable service, your airline can establish valuable long-term relationships that lead to improved customer satisfaction and increased passenger numbers. custom socks

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