10 tips to be earn more money as a professional photographer

f photography is one of the true passions you can’t imagine your life without, turning into a highly-paid job is the only way for you. Ok, maybe not the only, but definitely the one that will make providing for your living by doing something you absolutely love totally possible.

With the significant equipment, transportation, and editing software expenses, as well as the time photographers put into editing their pictures and making them absolutely gorgeous, photographers (especially beginners) often note that they barely manage to make enough money to cover those costs and earn something decent on top of that.

Artistic people struggle with that the most, as they tend to lean towards the more non-commercial or non-average market-oriented photography.

However, in order to survive in the modern highly competitive photography industry and be able to afford to engage in a more artistic photographing activity, you need to learn some tips and tricks to find more clients and orders and, consequently, boost your profit.

Tips to help you earn more money as a photographer

  1. Understand the difference between the photography as an art/hobby and photography as a job. Try not to be too stubborn and concentrate all your efforts on, let’s say, landscape or wildlife photography when you clearly see that it doesn’t bring you any money. Turn your passion into your hobby and employ your photography skills to earn some money in other areas.
  2. Engage in various photography spheres that will provide you with the consistent amount of work throughout the entire year. Try not to be too stubborn and concentrate all your efforts on, let’s say, landscape or wildlife photography when you clearly see that it doesn’t bring you any money. For instance, wedding photography can be really profitable, but newborn, family and pet photography will keep you occupied all year around.
  3. Be everywhere. Promote your photography on your social media pages (the more of them – the better), showcase your work on various photography websites. Turn into a real freelancer – create your profile on various websites (Like Angie’s List,, Thumbtack, etc.) that connect service providers with clients who need certain kinds of jobs done, including photography not to miss any job opportunity. Create your own online platform – a personal photography website with your portfolio, price list of your services and DIY photography tips.
  4. Remember that your time is money. And your clients have to respect that. Don’t underestimate your hourly rates and set them paying attention to the average local photography rates. Don’t forget to include your editing time, the time you spend in order to get to the destination and back home, as well as traveling expenses into the total price of the project.
  5. Brand yourself by volunteering during the charity and social events, freelancing for local newspapers and magazines, create online portfolios to become more recognizable among the professionals and let potential clients experience your skills before they have a chance to work with you. The more ‘popular’ you get, the higher prices you’ll be able to set.
  6. Try to offer unique services and special bundles. Not every photographer would agree to do birth photography, as it requires exceptional sensibility, respect and artistic approach to what’s happening. Not every pro is able to fly a drone and take nice pictures during the aerial photo session. Improve your skills, dive a little bit deeper into the newer, not too overcrowded by other photographers, spheres of photography and become one of the most wanted local pros in it.
  7. Are you a beginner? Don’t miss a chance to learn from more experienced photographers and earn some money at the same time. Monitor the local ads and contact local photographers to see if anyone needs a helper for their upcoming event photography. A lot of pros need a second cameraman when they get hired to shoot huge events. And that’s where you’ll come in handy.
  8. Make the full use of your rights to the photographs you make. Try to avoid contracts that be, request you to sign those rights off. Instead, keep those rights to yourself and resell those pictures on the stock photo websites to get a couple of extra pennies for your work. If you’re working with private clients (family or wedding photo shoot, for instance), don’t forget to ask their permission as well.
  9. Put your artistic photos out there. Remember those cool landscape photos you took? Most likely, a wild animal or a huge mountain won’t pay you for the picture you took of them. However, people who’re looking for large nature-themed or urban photos for their house interior will adore your work. So, why won’t you let them buy it?
  10. Combine large projects with quick 30-minute portrait shoots to make the most out of your working time. Offer unique services – special editing features, underwater shoots, bundles of shoots (maternity, birth and newborn), custom photo album designing and printing, etc. Don’t forget to introduce referral system and second shoot discounts. Online dating photographers

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