10 Best UK Sites for Online Tuition

In today’s academic climate, there is no time to waste. Parents want access to the best tutors, at the best prices and at times and in locations that suit them and their family’s school planner.

With the drawbacks associated with receiving private tutors into ones home on weekday evenings and during the holidays, online tuition has emerged as an unlikely front runner for parents overwhelmed with the burden of increasingly busy lifestyles.

Online tuition is fast, efficient, there is no waiting around for tutors stuck in traffic, it is refreshingly affordable and students can take their lessons anywhere in the world, whether that be skiing in the Alps or sun seeking in Dubai. Yes the world has changed and according to flight operators in Emerites, it won’t be long before people are able to have lessons aboard their flights too.

So with online tuition gaining more popularity and clearly offering parents flexibility, performance and importantly great savings, we thought we better review our top 5 choices for current UK based agencies offering online tuition.

In no particular order here are our top 10 UK agencies for online tuition.

Owl tutors

Owl tutors is a London based agency that has been operating since 2011. It is the vision of tutor Lawrence Drew, who wanted to provide a service that was both professional and far reaching on a global scale. The agency now boasts pupils in countries as far as Japan, Australia and Brazil.

Hourly online rate: £69.60

Registration and Members fee: Free

Subjects and Qualifications:Currently offering 21 subjects across 13 different qualification categories.

Pros: Organically grown agency, approachable CEO, offering a wide variety of services including the esteemed STEP Mathematics and a consultancy and assessment package.

Cons: Expensive at £70 per hour. That is about 4-5 times the cost of agencies offering a similar service outside London.

Keynote tutors

Keystone tutors is a London based agency that was set up in 2007, by its founder Will Orr-Ewing, to provide quality private tuition by encouraging students rather than simply providing a crutch for their grades.

Hourly online rate: £40 per hour

Registration and Members fee: Free

Subjects and Qualifications:Currently offering a wide range of subjects (30+) across 5 major school qualifications.

Pros: Tutors must undertake an Oxbridge style interview and asked to commit to the agency for a min of 2 years. Agency has strong ties to Harrow school, for boys taking common entrance.

Cons: Online tuition is charged at the same rate as face to face tuition, which seems to miss the point about online tuition.

Maths Fix

Maths Fix is an online agency providing solely Maths tuition to students in the global market place. It markets itself as a no frills website where students can quickly arrange tuition and receive it anywhere in the world.

Hourly online rate: £35 GCSE & £40 A-Level

Registration and Members fee: Free

Subjects and Qualifications:Currently offering Maths for GCSE and C1-4 and M1 for A-levels.

Pros: A simple website to use and they offer a 48 hour refund for any lesson that is not satisfactory.

Cons: No information about the owners of Mathsfix and company policy means that you cannot choose which tutor you are going to get.

First Tutors

First Tutors is a tutoring agency based in Preston. Set up in 2005, it has won a number of awards, has been recommended by ‘ The Good School Guide’ and regularly features in regional and national press releases. It stresses values of choice, affordability and being judged on its merits alone. best web design company in dubai

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