Warehouse Studios

November 17, 2020 , Warehousing

The Warehouse Studio was built to satisfy the needs of those looking for a professional recording studio on a small budget. Located in downtown Vancouver BC, the Warehouse Studio is a music studio and multi-media production facility owned by Bryan Adams. It is the home studio of the world famous artist and producer. The studio offers a professional studio environment that allows you to work in the comfort of your home and has state of the art audio/video equipment including Pro Tools, Sonar, Cubase, ProTools Live, iLok, Sound Forge, CD Studio and much more.

This studio is unique because it uses state of the art technology and large multi room studios. It has a professional sound system and a large screen with comfortable seating. This makes the recording and mixing of your studio environment easy, fun, and enjoyable. You will be able to record your band live using the studio at home, and have unlimited access to the entire recording studio. This studio has everything you need to start recording right away.

The studio also has a huge soundboard to give you the sound you want, and tons of CDs and DVDs to give you endless hours of entertainment. The Warehouse Studio also comes equipped with a huge soundboard and a computer which are an essential feature. The recording studio is equipped with the latest technology and a great place to learn all about recording. The Warehouse is the best place to learn how to record! You can learn more about Recording at this incredible facility. You are guaranteed to get the most from the studio.

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