Warehouse Seating

October 13, 2020 , Warehouse Supplies

The best kind of warehouse seating is one that is not so expensive. The best kind of seating for a warehouse is the kind that is cheap, yet durable. This type of seating may be used to store products in large bins. These large bins are usually called a pallet rack or a large carton rack. In fact the term warehouse seating came about from the practice of storing products on pallets. This practice became quite popular in the nineteen seventies and has continued to be popular ever since.

Pallets were originally made out of plastic. Then they were made out of wood. When the wood was not growing fast enough, steel was added to the plastic material. This made the wooden material stronger than the plastic and steel. Then the wooden material was dyed a lighter color and then a light colored paint was added to the material. This paint was called a lacquer and it could withstand the harsh rays of the sun. This would allow the plastic to last longer without being damaged by the sun and other elements.

The problem with the plastic material though is that the plastic did not have the same strength as the wood or steel. This weakness was what led to the popularity of the wooden material. If the wood had not been used, then the pallets would fall over because the wooden material was not strong enough. It would be nearly impossible to keep the pallets from falling over. In fact, the wooden pallet racks were soon being replaced by steel bars that were strong enough to keep the pallets in place. This changed the entire seating industry overnight.

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